Most people have gold jewellery and other gold items pushed to the back of a drawer or hidden away in a forgotten cabinet. These items may be unfashionable, unloved or broken – most people don’t think it’s worth anything. But it is!

We can turn your unwanted gold into cash, to use for the things you really enjoy: holidays, new clothes, redecorating, maybe a deposit on that new car. Or perhaps money to donate to your favourite charity. Even just a few pieces of broken gold can earn you a surprising amount of cash.

Bullion Gold Jewellery

We pay exceptional prices for unwanted sellable Bullion Gold Jewellery

With excellent knowledge of the jewellery business, we are experienced buyers in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

We are able to purchase a large variety of gold items, including the following:

    • 9ct, 10ct, 14ct, 15ct, 18ct, 22ct, 24ct GOLD
    • Gold bracelets
    • Gold rings
    • Gold necklaces
    • Gold brooches
    • Jewellery with missing stones
    • Masonic rings
    • Earrings (in pairs or singly)
    • Gold chains, charms and pendants ( even tangled )
    • Gold coins
    • Gold watches, watch cases or pocket watches
    • Ingots
    • Even dental gold
    • All forms of Platinum and Paladium
GoldGBP 45.80   per gram
SilverGBP 0.48   per gram
PlatinumGBP 21.30   per gram
PalladiumGBP 50.74   per gram
Jul 10 2020 16:59 EST
Notice: We are back! Our Shop is Now Open
Scrap 9ct Gold = £16.43
Scrap 14ct Gold = £25.63
Scrap 18ct Gold = £32.86
22ct Gold Per Gram = £40.14
24ct Gold Per Gram = £43.82
Notice: We are back! Our Shop is Now Open